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OLEG A. YUDIN was born on the 4 th of October 1960 in Perm,

In 1985 he graduated from Pedagogical Institute in Leningrad, art drawing
Since 1985-1988 he was working in criminal department of Leningrad police,
making composite photo portraits.He made about 500 of them. 42 serious
crimes were solved with Oleg's participation.

Since 1989 Mr. Yudin works with the largest publishing houses of Russia in
Moscow and St. Petersburg (Leningrad), where he illustrates books and makes
book- covers.
Mr. Yudin collaborated with German publishing houses: "Tessloff",
About 160 books appeared with his illustrations.

Oleg is member of the Union of artist of Russia since 1993.
He took part in exibishion in Germany, Japan, U.S.A., Italy, Spain, France,
Turkey, Iran.
Many of his works are now in private collections in Russia and other
countries.Now he lives creates in St. Petersburg, Russia.

He works most of the time in the field of book illustration.The artist has a
great sense of history and
depicts it in his creations. He made the portrait series of historical
figures ( writers, poets, pirates, detectives).
The major part of his art is dedicated to fantasy science fiction. Books of
well known writers of this genre were illustrated by him ( more 200 titles).
Mr. Yudin isn't afraid of the most intricate of the foreshorinings.His
characters come alive in their
historical or fantastic world. He was one of thouse first persons who began
to make comics in Russia. His comics are realistic. They exist like grafic
novel in life.
Most of time the story and the plot are written by Oleg A. Yudin himself.
His comics are dedicated to Russian classical literature, Mythology and
history, stories about crime and violence in Russia, thrillers.
High talent of the artist, sinserity of his art, and its authenticity are
very attractive really valuable.


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Reproduction Prohibited Without Permission.
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